Jim Alexander

Senior Java Developer,
Aesthetic Software, Inc.

654 30th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 722-8666



My professional engineering experience includes 10+ years of Java / J2EE development with another 8 years of C++ and C. This foundation in software engineering offers a practical approach to building quality products.

My design principals are driven by Object Oriented concepts including Design Patterns, separation of concerns and test-driven development. I prefer Agile-based development processes (Scrum & XP) yet light-weight waterfall and ad-hoc processes can also be effective.

I began building Web Applications and Services (SOA) with the Spring Framework, REST and open source technologies in 2008. I started building J2EE apps in 2000 on top of JBoss and recently launched a JEE-6 app on JBoss 7.1.

Please see my work at http://aestheticsoftware.com/architecture



Java 7, JSP, XHTML, JavaScript, UML, CSS



Spring 3, Tomcat 6, JBoss 7.1, WebLogic App Server, Salesforce CRM



Amazon EC2 Linux & RDS MySQL Virtual Servers


Development Environment

Intelli/J Idea 12, Eclipse 3.7 (STS), Maven 3, GitHub



Spring MVC, Hibernate, Spring Security, jUnit, testNG, GWT, GWTP, Mockito, Spring WebFlow, Solr (Lucene Search), JDBC, QueryDSL



MySQL 5, Derby, Oracle 10g



Mac OSX, Linux (RedHat / Ubuntu), Windows 7 & 8



Jira, Rally, Reviewboard, Crucible, GIT, SVN (Subversion), jProfiler, Enterprise Architect, Firebug, Cargo Maven Plugin (JBoss), Ant, MS-Word, Excel, Photoshop, GIMP


Fine Arts

Robotics, machine control, steel, fiberglass and plaster sculpture.




Sept 2013 - Present (contract)

Sunrun (www.sunrun.com) - Our team of 11 engineers built a Web Service that calculates the cheapest rooftop solar power generation system based on a customer's location, electricity usage and rooftop conditions.

I focussed on JPA (Hibernate) data modeling, JTA transaction management, sales contract document generation and Salesforce CRM integration. I integrated JTA XA Transactions and XA Data Sources into a complex build and deployment system based on Maven, JBoss, Liquibase, MySQL, Derby, Cargo and GitHub. We ran unit-tests and integration-tests on the Jenkins continuous integration platform. Our SOA application deployed to Amazon's EC2, RDS and S3 virtual servers.

The server technology stack was Java 7, JEE 6, JPA, Hibernate 3.6, JAX-RS and REST.


Sept 2012 - Sept 2013 (contract)

CBS Interactive (www.cbs.com) - I joined a team of 8 engineers to build Mobile Applications for CBS.com. The mobile team was part of a larger group that builds the entertainment website for www.cbs.com. I developed and deployed the server-side REST APIs that feed content and video to iPhone and Android Apps. I also helped build the Android App for www.cbs.com.

The server technology stack was Java 1.6, Spring 3, Hibernate, Spring-MVC, JSP and REST. And the mobile apps were built with Android API-17 and iOS v6.


Dec 2011 - Jun 2012 (contract)

Nuance (formerly VirtuOz) (Nina Web) - Nuance is a leading developer of digital agents using "NLP" language processing that can answer questions from users of websites and mobile apps.

Our team built a Web application that allows a customer to configure a conversational dialog based on a sequence of questions & answers. I worked on the Web client built with Java, Spring and GWT with a REST API provided by a server that was built with Microsoft .NET. I adapted Spring Security to a legacy authentication system (JOSSO) and provided authentication and access controls for our GWT Web client and our server-side application.

Our team followed an Agile (Scrum) development process and test driven development.

The technology stack was Java 7, Spring 3, Spring Security 3, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), GWTP, Mockito, JOSSO, Maven, REST and JSON.


Oct 2009 - Feb 2011 (contract)

Wells Fargo (www.wellsfargo.com) - I helped build the bank's primary, customer-facing Web application with Java 6, Spring 2.5, MVC, Maven & JSPs. The web portal presents a coherent user experience to millions of customers every day.

I worked with a team of 9 engineers that rebuilt the "transfers" Web pages where customers can move money between 20 types of accounts such as checking, home equity loans and 401-K plans.

I also integrated Spring Security (Acegi) into their legacy authentication and authorization mechanisms (JOSSO).


July 2009 - Dec 2009

Aesthetic Software (http://www.aestheticsoftware.com/architecture) - I published my first open-source application on Source-Forge based on Java 5, Hibernate, Spring, WebFlow, Maven, jUnit and TestNG. http://sourceforge.net/projects/hibernate-swf/


Jan 2009 - June 2009 (contract)

CNet / CBS Interactive (www.chow.com) - I was a senior developer in a team of 5 Engineers who rewrote the search, navigation and content delivery system behind two major CBS properties (CHOW.com and TheInsider.com).

The new architecture was based on Java 5, Spring, Solr/Lucene and XML. Our platform leveraged XML-based integration technologies and open-source APIs to bind our JSPs directly to SOAP and REST services.


Jan 2008 -
Nov 2008 (contract)

Zinio, LLC (www.zinio.com) - I led a team of 3 Engineers to build a Web Application that converted printed magazines into digital publications on the Web.

I defined the architecture based on open source frameworks including Java 5, Spring 2.5, Struts-2, REST, iBatis and jUnit. The User Interface (UI) was built with Struts-2, JavaScript (Dojo), XHTML and CSS Design Patterns.


May 2007 -
Dec 2007 (contract)

RealNetworks / Rhapsody (www.rhapsody.com) - I implemented a music license-management UI running on top of Resin, JDBC and JSTL.

I also built a few prototypes with Spring, WebFlow, Dojo, Prototype.js, and iBatis as part of a product requirements and analysis process.


Aug 2005 -
May 2007

RealNetworks / Rhapsody (www.rhapsody.com) - I managed the engineering team that built the Rhapsody music library. The team maintained a content ingestion system to upload millions of audio-files with metadata from hundreds of record labels.


Jan 2002 -
Aug 2005

Hotwire (www.hotwire.com) - Senior Software Engineer on an aggressive, process-driven development team at a high volume travel agency.

These applications were deployed under Bea's Weblogic Application Server with Struts 1.1 and the TopLink Object-Relational Mapping engine.



Customer Care Ticket Refund UI - I let a team that redesigned and rewrote the refund and cancellation system for purchases of air-tickets, car-rentals, hotel-bookings and travel packages.

Email Marketing - I automated Hotwire's primary email marketing tools by writing Perl, XSLT and javascript to drive the 3rd-party Email Engine from YesMail.

Cross-Sell Pricing - Integrated price-quotes and promotions across Hotwire’s travel ticketing Web site. I designed and implemented a vertical slice from the Struts-based front end through the Object Relational Mappings. across Hotwire ting Web site. I designed and implemented a vertical slice from the Struts-based front end through the Object Relational Mappings.

Configuration Management - I built tools that managed 20 configuration files that controlled our application when deployed across QA and production hardware.


Oct 2001 -
Jan 2002 (contract)

Emergent Design - Implemented a "restful" Web API that served video game metadata ("levels") and user-account information to game clients. J2EE Design Patterns, Struts-1 and JDBC, JBoss and Together/J.


Apr 2000 -
Dec 2000 (contract)

Grassroots Enterprise (www.grassroots.com) - I led the architecture for a content authoring and publishing system based on the J2EE Design Patterns. The technology stack included ATG Dynamo, Oracle 8i, ATG's JHTML and Ant.



Ezula (Saunti) - Implemented a Java "chat" Applet based on the MS IRC protocol. Ran completely within a Microsoft environment: IE, IIS, ASP, JavaScript, VB Script and the MS IRC DLLs.



Harvest Technology - Stock portfolio management tools. Swing, WebLogic EJB API.


Nov 1997 -
Apr 1999 (contract)

Verve (Versata). - Designed and implemented portions of an embedded workflow engine in Java.

Versata Process Logic Designer - I wrote a visual editor for workflow process modeling. Java, Swing, CORBA. and javacc/jjtree.


1994 - 1996

Ikonic Interactive - Technical lead for 2 Interactive TV applications and a content management system. Time Warner's FSN in Orlando, C++, CORBA, Oracle, Raima Object Manager.


1993 - 1994

Technology Modeling Associates - Wrote a semiconductor fabrication simulator. C++, ToolTalk and Objectstore.


1989 - 1993

SAM Technology and EEG Systems Laboratory - Real-time data collection, analysis and visualization tools. C++, C, X11, Unix.


1988 - 1989

Pacific Bell - Systems programming. C, Data General AOS/VS


1983 - 1988

Data General - CPU hardware design, system firmware and microcode diagnostics


1982 - 1983

Tufts University - Electro-optic materials research



Tufts University , Medford, MA
BS in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Science option

18 continuing education classes in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Art History, Robotics and Sculpture.


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