I built a web application in 2015 that extracts terms from job descriptions posted on The app integrates several REST APIs with the Spring-4.1 framework, Hibernate (JPA), Liquibase, JUnit and Maven. 

The app is running on Amazon's AWS cloud and the source-code is available on GitHub: 

Job Keyword Source Code:

Amazon AWS Live Web-App:

Keyword Extractor for Job Postings

In the Fall of 2009, I published two articles that detailed best practices and current architectural principals based on Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.3 and the J2EE (JEE 5) platform. The source code was published on GitHub under the Apache 2 license. 

The first article (2009) describes a template application based on the existing best practices with Java, Spring, @MVC and Hibernate.

2009 Spring @MVC & Hibernate Best Practices

The second article (2009) details how to build an application with an extended persistence context on top of Spring, Hibernate and WebFlow. The applicationî solved many common problems with Spring and Hibernate. 

2009 Spring WebFlow & Hibernate's Extended Persistence Context

The sourcecode for the preceeding hibernate-webflow article is available from SourceForge at: